Axel Vervoordt is one of the world's foremost tastemakers. Revered for his discerning eye in art and interior design through a career that has spanned more than fifty years, he is renowned for his captivating minimalist interiors. An iconic figure at the most prominent international art fairs and exhibitions, he incarnates a singular philosophy for how to live with style. Axel recounts stories about the people who have influenced him most throughout his life- his family, friends, artists, colleagues, clients, and unforgettable mentors-in this memoir that is personal, funny, insightful, and permeated with humility, wisdom, and lessons learned. He reflects on the key moments in his life from childhood to the present-Rudolf Nureyev's visit to the Vervoordt's new castle, his youthful acquisition of a Magritte, discovering Japanese Gutai art, his legendary Venice exhibitions, and working for famous friends such as Sting, Kanye West, and Robert De Niro. He details his greatest successes, as well as his personal regrets, while offering firsthand insight into the work that has forged his reputation. A larger-than-life and inspiring man, this book offers snapshots from his life, which paint an overall portrait of his guiding philosophy.



ISBN: 9782080203366
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 312
Publication Date: 7 Dec 2017
Publisher: Editions Flammarion
Publication City, Country: Paris, France
Dimensions (cm): 19(H) x 15(L)
Weight (gm): 470



The reception room at Kanaal is line with books devoted to Mr. Vervoordt's vision as a dealer and decorator. In "Stories and Reflections," he describes how the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sums up his approach, embracing 'the spirit of thinking globally and acting locally.'
--The New York Times

"If there were ever anyone who could humble Kanye West, it would be art dealer and interior designer Axel Vervoordt. In a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter, the two artists exchanged ideas about the importance of proportions, the danger of ego, and their respective attitudes toward the creative process."
--Joyce Chen, Architectural Digest

As proved in new autobiographical book Stories and Reflections, [Axel is] an amusing and energetic raconteur. From a creative so esteemed for his discreet interiors and Hollywood client list, the storytelling twinkle in his eye indicates that Vervoordt is not to be pigeon-holed.
--Elle Decoration


Author Biography

Axel Vervoordt is internationally renowned for his work as a collector, antiquarian, designer, curator, and founder of his eponymous Belgium-based company. His previous books include Axel Vervoordt: Timeless Interiors, Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations (2011), and Axel Vervoordt: Living with Light (2013). Michael James Gardner collaborated on Axel Vervoordt: Living with Light and contributed to At Home with May and Axel Vervoordt (2012). His nonfiction work has been nominated for a Pushcart literary prize.
Axel Vervoordt: Stories and Reflections

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