Discover the cities that once ruled their kingdoms, uncover the dramatic effect of changing seas and rivers on the land and people by their sides and imagine what the world once looked like as you discover the places that have vanished from modern atlases. Maps offer us a chance to see not just how our world looks today, but how it once looked. But what about the places that are no longer mapped? Cities forgotten under the dust of newly settled land? Rivers and seas whose changing shape has shifted the landscape around them? Or, even, places that have seemingly vanished, without a trace? Travis Elborough takes you on a voyage to all corners of the world in search of the lost, disappearing and vanished. Specially commissioned cartography showing each place as It once was and how it is today and archive photography bring these incredible stories to life.



ISBN: 9781781318959
Series:Unexpected Atlases
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 3 Sep 2019
Publisher: Aurum Press
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 25.9(H) x 18.5(L)



'Beautifully written, inspiring photography, sleek design and exquisite maps depicting ancient and forgotten lands in all their former glory... But this book is so much more than a call to travel to the far-flung corners of the globe...it is a welcome and timely reminder of the beauty and fragility of the world in which we live, and the importance of safeguarding it for future generations. A joy to read, and a hands down winner for me.'
-- Danielle Watt, Judge, DK Eyewitness Illustrated Travel Book of the Year * Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2020 *
'The vanishing places featured in this atlas, from archaeological sites to encroached ecosystems, all compel... A reminder of earthly evanescence - and of the urgency to preserve what we can of what remains.'
* Nature magazine *
'The temporal sweep of the book is immense... very nicely produced with alluring photographs and lovely colour maps... a great Christmas gift for budding explorer and armchair traveller alike.' * Hackney Citizen *


Author Biography

Travis Elborough is an author and social commentator. His books include A Traveller's Year, A London Year, The Long-Player Goodbye, Being A Writer and A Walk in the Park: The Life and Times of a People's Institution. Travis is a regular UK radio contributor and has penned articles on all aspects of travel and culture, from pirates in the Caribbean to donkeys at the British seaside.

Atlas of Vanishing Places: The lost worlds as they were and as they are today WINNER Illustrated Book of the Year - Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2020

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