Alcheringa tells the story of Nari, an elderly Aborigine, gaoled for stealing a calf, who recalls the slow destruction of his people and of a way of life they believed to be eternal. From the first, ambiguous encounters with whites - a discarded bottle, a stray cow - to the disastrous confrontations between newcomers and the age-old custodians of the land, Betty Villeminot's novel is both a lament and a celebration. At the end, as the Overland Telegraph is nearing completion, Nari is vouchsafed a vision of the fate of his people in future times and a confirmation of the eternal Dreamtime he is about to inherit.



ISBN: 9781876631949
Audience: Tertiary Education (US: College)
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 305
Publication Date: 1 Jun 2004
Publisher: Duffy and Snellgrove
Publication City, Country: Potts Point, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 20(H) x 13.2(L) x 2.3(W)
Weight (gm): 310


Author Biography

Betty Villeminot is the author and co-author of several books and films about Australia. In 1956, together with Jacques Villeminot, and with the encouragement of Professor A.P. Elkin, she had the opportunity to spend a number of months with Aboriginal people of the desert who had been only lightly touched by Western civilisation. This first encounter, followed by others, completely changed her perception of the world in which she lived.Andrew Riemer lives in Sydney. His books include Inside Outside, Sandstone Gothic (a memoir of academic life) and Hughes, a study of the career of the art critic Robert Hughes. His translation of Anouar Benmalek's L'enfant Du Peuple Ancien (The Child of an Ancient People) was published in 2003. He is the chief book reviewer of The Sydney Morning Herald.
Alcheringa: A Novel

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