52 Assignments: Street Photography is a guide to putting the creativity back into your photography. It is filled with prompts and projects, nudges and sparks, innovations and inspirations, to help you kick your photographic habits, step out of your comfort zone and add the creativity and character that is the essential feature of professional street photography. The book features 52 colour-coded commissions and concepts with alternative ideas for composing, creating and printing eye-catching images from the street. You will discover different ways of approaching your subjects; challenges and games that add a level of mischief and play to your work; ideas for using maps, books and signs to unleash your creativity; lists of the best festivals and events to attend; prompts for alternative subjects and themes; guides to removing cliches from your work; radical techniques for pushing your camera beyond its limits or using alternative cameras; and examples from historic masters; along with ideas for innovative approaches to processing and printing. The rest of the journal's pages are styled for you to add your own thoughts, technical specifications, quotes and sketches, creating a record of your own 52 photographic assignments. These may be completed weekend by weekend over the course of a year, or dipped into every time you need to bring a new concept or creative approach to your street photography. AUTHOR: Brian Lloyd Duckett is the Principal and Course Tutor at Streetsnappers, a specialist in street photography workshops across Europe. A highly successful commercial and editorial photographer, he teaches as a Visiting Lecturer on photography degree courses. He has worked for many leading newspapers and commercial organizations, but his hobby and passion is street photography. He is the author of Mastering Street Photography (Ammonite Press). SALES POINTS: 52 assignments to spark new life and creativity in to one's photography Innovative and inspiring concepts and projects for taking digital, phone, or film camera onto the streets Includes space for the owner's personal notes and technical records 90 colour photographs and 10 illustrations



ISBN: 9781781453520
Series: 52 Assignments
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 8 Oct 2018
Publisher: Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd
Publication City, Country: United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 21(H) x 14(L)


Author Biography

Brian Lloyd-Duckett is the Principal and Course Tutor at Streetsnappers, a specialist in street photography workshops and tutorials in London and cities across Europe. He is the author of Mastering Street Photography.

52 Assignments: Street Photography

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