500 Fluorescent Origamis is pocket-sized origami book with 500 pages and basic folding instructions. Its two companion books are: 500 Irresistible Origamis (9780228101505) 500 Fun Origamis (9780228101482) Each of these books features 250 double-sided origami papers decorated with original designs and patterns by Mayumi Jezewski. Sixteen pages of basic folding instructions are illustrated and explained with arrows and clear lines - perfect for beginners. The Guardian newspaper called origami "2016's craft trend" and reported that sales of origami books have surged as customers look for alternatives to the popular coloUring books. Like coloUring, origami presents children and adults with a creative meditative challenge away from the screen. Origami has no age barrier and benefits everyone, from children to the elderly. Studies show that origami activates the whole brain. It develops eye-hand coordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, temporal spatial skills, mathematical reasoning, language skills and patience. It also promotes hand and finger dexterity.



ISBN: 9780228101499
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 520
Publication Date: 29 Oct 2018
Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd
Publication City, Country: Ontario, Canada
Dimensions (cm): 10.2(H) x 10.2(L)


Author Biography

Mayumi Jezewski is the author of numerous origami books published in France. Recent translations include Origami Jewellery. She lives in Paris.

500 Fluorescent Origamis

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