A celebration of accidental success in the world of gastronomy Did you know that your morning coffee could be thanks to a herd of energetic goats? Or that a forgotten ingredient is behind the invention of the beloved brownie? Who got the fright of their life discovering corn could pop? And which popular soft drink first started out as a medicinal syrup? Oscar Farinetti, founder of high-end global food chain Eataly, presents this collection of insightful and entertaining interviews with leading artisan food producers, chefs, inventors and CEOs around the world. Reflecting on the accidental discoveries that gave birth to some of the world's most well-known gastronomic delights - including Nutella, the humble sandwich, french fries, the ice-cream cone, rum and balsamic vinegar - these serendipitous tales ponder humankind's never-ending quest to discover something new, and remind us that our mistakes, our flaws, our failures, can often be the most necessary ingredient in finding success.


ISBN13: 9781760643249
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of Pages: 304
Publication Date: 5 Jul 2022
Publisher: Black Inc.
Publication City, Country: Melbourne, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 23.4(H) x 15.3(L) x 2.7(W)426
Weight (gm): 426

Author Biography

Oscar Farinetti is an Italian entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of the food store chain Eataly, with thirty-seven locations around the world. His most recent project is Green Pea - a sustainability themed shopping centre. Barbara McGilvray has been translating from Italian to English for over forty years and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2016.


Serendipity: From Truffles and Champagne to Corn Flakes and Coffee

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