CUT is a new, independently published coffee table book, documenting the history of the Stencil Art Prize by Newcastle author Jacinta Fintan. Jacinta began the Stencil Art Prize in 2009 when she was living in Sydney with an arts grant from Marrickville Council. Having moved back to Newcastle with her young family in recent years, Jacinta is thrilled to launch the book at Newcastle Library.

The book documents the changes in stencil art, from its relatively primitive origins to highly sophisticated, labour-intensive major works. But always with a cutting edge, reflecting the large crossover with the broader street art community.

CUT tells the story of the Prize’s growth and evolution, through the eyes of its creator, Jacinta Fintan. Beginning as a small Council-funded prize in Sydney’s inner west, the Prize grew into a globally significant prize, drawing entries from elite stencil artists in more than 20 countries. It toured across galleries in Australia bringing the finalists’ work to the cities and regions.

Cut 10 Years Of The Stencil Art Prize

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