Catalyse creative intelligence with a game changing kit to ignite insights and innovations. A practical guide for change-makers wanting to tap imagination and amp-up creativity. Whether you are a rigid analytical thinker or an accomplished creative mind, over the course of these pages, you'll learn to use creativity to create, diverge from, and converge into new inventive pathways, finding innovative approaches to complex problems. By providing a sequential pathway of interdisciplinary creative exercises, Creative Reboot is the all-in-one toolkit that helps facilitate the building of your creative confidence.

Creative Reboot comes as a kit, easily carried around in your pocket to give you access to your primary source of creativity whenever your day calls for it. Each of the six chapters is grounded in applied scholarly understanding and complemented by case studies that reveal real-world applications of creativity. These pages are further supported by a range of guided creative cards. Their potential for spontaneous combination allows you to develop creative flexibility, create a network of connections, and realise innovative solutions with your own creative intelligence.

By using this book, you'll enter a new age of creative thought leadership, its potential for serendipitous association of the cards allowing you to combine, cross-pollinate, and reorientate the creative cards to push the bounds of creative problem solving even further. While embodying creative theory, Creative Reboot goes further and situates creativity as a catalyst of change within complex challenges, alchemically reframing once impossible tasks into physical paths to action.

A practical guide for change-makers, this must-read book is the next step in thought leadership, helping to tap into the powers of imagination and amp-up creativity.


ISBN13: 9789063696320
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of Pages: 144
Publication Date: 25 May 2022
Publisher: BIS Publishers B.V.
Publication City, Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dimensions (cm): 21(H) x 14.8(L)
Weight (gm):

Author Biography

Barbara Doran specialises in identifying creative opportunities that respond to complex challenges and putting them into action. After a PhD in Fine Art, twice winning the United Nations Bioethics and Art Award for Photography, displaying her work on both the national and international stage, and a whole host of senior lecturer positions in Australia's top universities, she now teaches a multi-award winning Bachelor of Creative Intelligence course at the University of Technology, Sydney.


Creative Reboot: Catalysing Creative Intelligence

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