This ambitious publication, now revised and expanded, dissects fifty-five modern masterpieces through specially commissioned freehand drawings that reveal the principles and details of what makes a building meaningful and enduring. Covering six continents, and ranging from residences to opera houses, influential buildings of the past seven decades are analysed through detailed consideration of their key characteristics - site and surroundings, space and massing, programme and circulation, fenestration and use of natural light - to give an insight into how each design works as a cohesive whole. Appealing to architects, students and everyone who appreciates great buildings, The Elements of Modern Architecture is an essential reference and inspiration for generations to come.



ISBN: 9780500023624
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 360
Edition: Revised and expanded edition
Publication Date: 24 Sep 2020
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 22(H) x 29.7(L)
Weight (gm): 2040


Author Biography

Dr Antony Radford is an urban designer and Emeritus Professor of Architecture at The University of Adelaide, Australia. His recent books include Understanding Sustainable Architecture and Digital Design: A Critical Introduction. Dr Amit Srivastava is an architectural historian at The University of Adelaide who has lived and worked in India and Australia. Dr Selen Morkoc is a writer and critic who has practised and taught architecture and theory in Turkey and at The University of Adelaide, Australia.
The Elements of Modern Architecture: Understanding Contemporary Buildings

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