The French New Wave is one of the most important movements in the history of film. Its fresh energy and vision changed the cinematic landscape and it has had a seminal impact on pop culture. The poster artists tasked with selling these Nouvelle Vague films to the masses were at the forefront of a revolution in art, graphic design and photography. This volume is a visual celebration of their explosive and ground-breaking poster art. Featuring posters from over 20 countries, the diverse imagery for films like Breathless, Fahrenheit 451 and Le Mepris is accompanied by biographies on over 100 artists, photographers and designers the first time many of those responsible for promoting and portraying this movement have been properly recognized. This book is a definitive celebration on the visual imagery of the French New Wave.



ISBN: 9780957261044
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 350
Publication Date: 1 Nov 2019
Publisher: Reel Art Press
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 29(H) x 24.5(L)



...an important and thoughtful text about one of film's great movements, a series of brief artist profiles that re-contextualize this moment in history in a manner never truly done before. The epitome of a coffee table book, this will no doubt be the topic of any discussion you have after buying it.--Joshua Brunsting "CriterionCast"
beautifully illustrated book...from the examplary folks are reel art press--Kenneth Turan "Los Angeles Times"
more ambitious than many a coffee table book- a sumptous and enlightening production--Editors "Double Negative"
the designers were like the film-makers-young, energetic, creative. they broke all the rules--Editors "New York Observer"
[French New Wave showcases] graphics worthy of their cinema sources: anarchic, dream-struck, recondite, and intoxicating.--Howard Hampton "Bookforum"
[French New Wave] delves into one of the most important movements in the history of film. Centred around the designers, the compendium, which is also edited by Tony, celebrates the distinctive flair embraced by poster artists in the latter half of the 20th century.--Jyni Ong "It's Nice That"
A compelling new book [that delves] into the rich design history of la Nouvelle Vague, and illustrates how graphic art broke new ground during the seminal movement.--Megan Williams "Creative Review"
French New Wave: A Revolution in Design...reveals how French New Wave film posters became as powerful as the movies themselves, transforming the landscape of visual culture through art, photography, and graphic design.--Sara Rosen "Huck"
Godard, Truffaut, Resnais...the 50s and 60s saw a burst of intense innovation in French cinema, a spirit reflected in the bold film poster designs of the time.--Killian Fox "Guardian"
The book illustrates the way groundbreaking cinematic style inspired an equally dazzling explosion of poster art around the world, presenting examples from over 20 countries and biographies of more than 100 poster-makers to prove its point.--Kenneth Turan "Los Angeles Times"
The poster design of the Nouvelle Vague reveals that the iconic era of cinema was about a lot more than intellectualism, eroticism and jump cuts: it was an international movement that changed the course of graphic design history.--Emily Gosling "Elephant"
The French New Wave film posters quickly became as groundbreaking as the 50s and 60s films themselves. [This] new book highlights the designers behind the movement's explosive aesthetic.--Howard Hampton "Airmail"
These posters from all around the world have been collected in a new compendium--French New Wave: A Revolution In Design, published by Reel Art Press. Just as the energy and vision of the films changed the cinematic landscape, so too were the posters an explosion of Pop Art, Dadaism, and Abstract Expressionism.--Jeremy Allen "AIGA"


French New Wave: A Revolution in Design

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