Children find grief and loss a difficult subject and understanding where a loved one has gone, can be a difficult topic to explain...

Billy misses his Mommy very much. She lives in the clouds. Some days the sun is shining and Mommy's clouds are nowhere to be seen. Those are Billy's favorite days when he and Daddy would play in the garden all day long, and Billy knows that Mommy is letting the sun shine for them. But not all days are like that. Sometimes Mommy's clouds are dark, and Billy feels sad and alone.

This moving and sensitively-written picture book gently explores grief and teaches children how to deal with loss and their emotions surrounding the death of a loved one. With beautiful and colorful illustrations to accompany the touching narrative, this children's book is perfect for adults to share with their little ones and to help them understand what they are going through.



ISBN: 9780744036596
Audience: Children / Juvenile
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 32
Publication Date: 4 May 2021
Publisher: DK
Dimensions (cm): 24(H) x 24(L) x 0(W)
Weight (gm): 567


Author Biography

Stacey Hart is an experienced counsellor and grief professional who has been supporting children for years. For the last 10 years she has worked at one of the country's leading bereavement charities, Grief Encounter. She has made multiple public appearances, including on This Morning, where she spoke as a professional on coping with grief.
Lost in the Clouds

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