The collected works of gonzovationists Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy, brought together into one magnificent collection.


GON*ZO*VA*TION 1. alternative conservation through the act of gonzovating and exhibiting compassion for the natural world. 2. the protection, preservation, management, or restoration of wildlife and of natural resources to include forests, earth, and water. GON*ZO*VA*TION*IST 1. an alternative conservationist. 2. a person who makes sense from the nonsense Over the course of three remarkable books packed with wit, warmth, and extraordinary art, Ralph Steadman and his co-conspirator, author and film-maker Ceri Levy, sought to change the way we look at conservation. The first, Extinct Boids, featured vanished birds like the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Carolina Parakeet, with a variety of boids like the Gob Swallow and the Needless Smut to keep them company. This was followed by Nextinction, where the focus switched to birds that are still just about with us, such as the Giant Ibis and Kakapo, along with classic Steadman creations such as the Unsociable Lapwing. The series was completed by Critical Critters, featuring critically endangered mammals, insects, fish, lizards and trees - a stunning collection, with a strong conservation message. This box set brings the three elements of the Gonzovation trilogy together for the first time. These books form a body of art of rare brilliance. Packed with trademark Steadman humour, they also represent a powerful and compelling appeal for change in the way we treat the animals that share our planet. All of us can follow the gonzovationist path - let The Gonzovation Trilogy be your guide.



ISBN: 9781472986641
Audience: General
Format: Mixed media product
Number of Pages: 680
Publication Date: 26 Nov 2020
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Dimensions (cm): 0(H) x 0(L) x 0(W)
Weight (gm): 3374


Author Biography

RALPH STEADMAN is a world-renowned cartoonist and caricaturist. Originally labelled a 'gonzo' artist, he burst into the national consciousness by providing the illustrations for Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and later his Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72. Since then, Ralph has provided illustrations for collections of poetry by Ted Hughes, Alice in Wonderland and Animal Farm, and has even designed a set of British stamps. Alongside a host of illustration credits, Steadman's previous books include Gonzo- The Art, Doodaaa: The Balletic Art of Gavin Tivinge, and The Joke's Over, For No Good Reason, a documentary about his life and work, was released in 2014. CERI LEVY is a film-maker whose works include Bananaz, a documentary about the inner machinations of the group Gorillaz. Ceri has immersed himself within the world of nature since he started filming his documentary The Bird Effect several years ago. The natural world affected him so much that he upped and left the city to live in the wilds of of the Rutland countryside where he now writes, sits under trees and marvels at the landscape he has become a part of. This is the third book he has written with Ralph Steadman, following on from Extinct Boids and Nextinction.
The Gonzovation Trilogy: Extinct Boids - Nextinction - Critical Critters

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