This comprehensive tome covers all aspects of Picasso's artistic career, from self-portraits to sculpture to photography, and features an extensive chronology of his life.


The Musee Picasso Paris houses the most impressive collection of Picasso's works ever assembled. This expansive tome features 360 specially commissioned photographs of Picasso's greatest works, and includes the history of the 4,500-room Hotel Sale, where the collection resides. Structured chronologically, the compendious volume spans the entire career of the formidable artist and the full spectrum of his art, tracing the evolution of his work through ten phases, from the Blue period (1901?04) to the portrait of The Young Painter (1972), which he painted the year prior to his death. While the book is primarily devoted to Picasso's paintings, additional sections are dedicated to the other techniques and mediums that he used, including sculpture, ceramics, photography, drawing, and etching. This work ensures the highest-quality reproductions of the artist's work. An authoritative reference, it features critical analysis by the museum's team of experts and an extensive biography of Picasso's life and photographs of the artist. This compact edition, previously published as Picasso's Masterpieces: The Musee Picasso Paris Collection sets a new benchmark in the literature devoted to Picasso and is an essential resource.



ISBN: 9782081316386
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 556
Publication Date: 25 Mar 2021
Publisher: Editions Flammarion
Dimensions (cm): 22(H) x 16.4(L) x 0(W)
Weight (gm): 1420


Author Biography

Anne Baldassari, former President of the Musee Picasso Paris, has published numerous books on Picasso including Picasso and Photography, Picasso: Life with Dora Maar: Love and War 1935-1945, Cubist Picasso, Bacon Picasso, and The Surrealist Picasso.
Musee Picasso Paris

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