Ambitious and interdisciplinary, this long-awaited collaboration is a landmark presentation of the writings of contemporary artists. These influential essays, inter-views, and critical and theoretical comments provide bold and fertile insights into the construction of visual knowledge. Featuring a wide range of leading and emerging artists since 1945, the collection - while comprehensive and authoritative - offers the reader some eclectic surprises as well. Included here are texts that have become pivotal documents in contemporary art, along with writings that cover unfamiliar ground. Some are newly translated, others have never before been published. Together they address visual literacy, cultural studies, and the theoretical debates regarding modernism and postmodernism. The full panoply of visual media is represented, from painting and sculpture to environments, installations, performance, conceptual art, video, photography, and virtual reality. Thematic concerns range from figuration and process to popular culture, art and technology, and politics and the media. Contemporary issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality are also addressed. Kristine Stile's general introduction i



ISBN: 9780520202535
Series: California Studies in the History of Art
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 1003
Publication Date: 18 Apr 1996
Publisher: University of California Press
Publication City, Country: Berkerley, United States
Dimensions (cm): 25.4(H) x 17.8(L)
Weight (gm): 1429


Author Biography

Kristine Stiles is Associate Professor of Art History, Duke University. She has written widely on contemporary art and is a practicing artist. Peter Selz is Professor Emeritus of Art History, University of California, Berkeley. Among his many books are German Expressionist Painting (California, 1957) and Art in Our Times (1981).
Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings

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