"I Send You This Cadmium Red" is a collection of letters between John Berger and John Christie which have colour as their main theme. It is an epistolary exchange in which the histories of different arts lose their distant and cold objectivity and instead become embodied in a personal history of looking. So the authors pass from the blue of Matisse to the blue of Yves Klein, from the brown of anti-rust paint to Joseph Beuys' Braunkreuz, from the obscurity of cave paintings to Byzantine gold leaf. Yet in turn, and subtly so, those same colours provide a vocabulary through which the authors refer to their personal experiences and projects. This text is also available in Spanish (ISBN 85-95273-33-0) and in German (Birkhauser).



ISBN: 9788495273321
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 240
Publication Date: 1 Sep 1999
Publisher: ActarD Inc
Publication City, Country: Barcelona, Spain
Dimensions (cm): 27.5(H) x 19.5(L)


I Send You This Cadmium Red: A Correspondence between John Berger and John Christie

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