October Roundup

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October found Ariel quite relaxed, quietly getting ready for the oncoming holiday months. We welcomed a new member into the team, and enjoyed a more relaxed month following jam packed September.

This month we kept our featured books lean, and we found ourselves coming back to the best cookbooks we had in store (some of us definitely nabbed a few new recipes!) Our new favourite is Alfons Schuhbeck’s The German Cookbook - it’s just too easy to get lost in a cover with sweeping mountainscapes, and the recipes we found inside were authentic and homely, with a clean cut German edge.

We also couldn’t forget the massively anticipated release of Murakami’s Killing Commendatore, a huge, english translated Japanese masterpiece. Even though we haven’t quite finished it yet (it’s some few hundred pages!) so many dedicated fans are already on their second flip through. With Murakami’s release we reflected on all the other excellent writers from Japan, and thoroughly enjoyed a re-read of Ishiguro, as well as a fresh peek at some Japanese Short Stories - recently published by Penguin.

This month we also teamed up with local music business Salt Mine Repair, to showcase Led Zeppelin’s auto-photo-biographical coffee table book. It was really nice to interact with another Darlinghurst business owner, and it was great to go just upstairs from the shop to see their incredible workshop for instrument repair.

Coming up next month we have a big event with Tom Lee and Vanessa Barry, on the topic of rediscovering Sydney. We can’t wait to have them both in the shop for some great conversations & insights.

Make sure to pop in and say hello, we’ve always got things going on! We hope your month wasn’t too spooky! We can’t believe there’s only two months left in 2018, and we’ve got exciting plans for them - stay tuned!

Onto November! — Team Ariel