Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

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We’ve had an astounding amount of great book releases, author meetups, live events and general highlights, so we want to share with you some of our favourites of the year. 

Murakami’s Killing Commendatore, a massively anticipated Japanese Master release, was an incredibly intricate narrative with enough suspense to last a lifetime. The book itself was a hefty brick, but we got through it much like our unnamed protagonist. It was definitely a fan and staff favourite. 

Another favourite was Vanessa Berry’s Mirror Sydney, a gorgeous, illustrated guide to Sydney through the lens of a nostalgic explorer. We were filled with a sense of happy sadness as we remembered old icons and recognised the newest additions to the city right outside our windows. Vanessa also joined us, along with Tom Lee (Author of Coach Fitz) for a night of discussion around rediscovering Sydney, and their writings on the topic. 

Late in the year we also teamed up with local music business Salt Mine Repair, to showcase Led Zeppelin’s auto-photo-biographical coffee table book. It was great to work with another Darlinghurst small business,  as well as take a tour of their fantastic (and delightfully air conditioned) workshop. 

Barry Du Bois’ intimate, heart wrenching talk on the nature of illness & the art of living brought the whole room to tears. His story, his fight with cancer, and his honesty on the nature of life itself was inspiring and devastating. Journalist Peter Ryan, who hosted the event, was the perfect man to guide us through the night. 

The Sydney Fringe Festival brought us a fantastic live music night, with performances from artists Alex Terry, Karai Hemara and Billie McCarthy. We were so excited to see everyone dancing and singing in the shop, and can’t wait to host more music events in the future. 

And finally, we couldn’t leave without mentioning Bella Zanesco, who in August sat down with us to discuss her book “Smart Girls Screw Up Too.” It was a great night of reflection & inspiration for everyone who attended. We’re so pleased that we were able to hear from such a great modern literary voice & absolute legend as Bella.

Here’s to our year, we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Thank you for all your continued support, 

Team Ariel 

Ruby Powell-Hughes