November, November!

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November flew by! We had a great month starting to really kick off the holiday season. We’ve brought on some Cool Christmas Casuals too, so if you see some fresh faces, make sure to say hi!

We began the month with a rather hilarious delivery of a book of life lessons by the (fictitious) great Vladimir Putin, the photoshop on the cover had even us fooled. But aside from the goofs and gaffs, we featured some pretty hefty Visual Art books this month, including some of the greats, as well as some exhibition collections close to home. James Turrell’s newest release had us in awe.

While there hasn’t been too many releases this month, a special one to note was Mirror Sydney by the fantastic Vanessa Berry. Her wry charm and delightful illustrations made for a really wonderful rediscovery of some historic Sydney icons, all from a familiar, memory-like perspective. Vanessa also joined us early on in the month along with Tom Lee, to share their own insights into our city and their writings around it.

As the holidays draw closer, we’ll be serving up some steaming hot gift giving deals, so make sur to pop to the shop or check our instagram to see what we’ve got in store for you!

December is here, let’s get into it!

— Team Ariel